The Web-UI enabled version lets you run the RNA-seq analysis pipeline over the Amazon Web Service, whereas the local cluster version must be downloaded on a Hadoop configured cluster of machines. This tutorial gives you a quick idea of how to run FX on both the web-UI version and local cluster version.

Web-UI Enabled Version

The analysis step running on the AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud is conducted by the following steps:
  1. RNA Sequence Upload
  2. Analysis Option Configuration
  3. Scale-up, Run on AWS

AWS is a cloud computing infrastructure providing vender, which lets you run your application over Amazon’s computing resources at a pretty low price. By running RNA-Seq analysis on the cloud, you can avoid time and cost related issues coming from de-novo pipe-line establishment. To learn more about AWS, please visit http://aws.amazon.com.

Local HADOOP cluster Version

You must also ensure that the same gsanp db are same path on all slave nodes.

From the master, download the file named tXn.hg18.fa.gz from the following URL:
or whth this command :
wget http://fx.gmi.ac.kr/download/hg18/tXn.hg18.fa.gz

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